And more stress.


Did you flinch at the repetition of this word?

Did your stomach clench? Did your shoulders hunch up? Did you feel wound up? Is it any wonder we want to escape our bodies during times of stress? It is not unusual for anyone to space out when our stress level is a bit too much. We all have our favorite coping mechanisms we use to help us relax.

We may feel like we are doing ourselves a favor when we binge on our favorite TV programs. In a way, it is helpful. We are giving our brains a break from overthinking and our bodies a chance to rest. It is hard to justify relaxing during times of stress as a good thing to do. Sometimes, it may feel like we are creating more pressure to complete the “to-do” list.

But something remarkable happens when we give ourselves some downtime. Ever notice how taking a break and going out for a walk can generate fresh ideas or insights? Do you ever wonder what our body is doing while we are taking a break? It is not idling at all. Our body is still keeping busy. It is observing what is going on in our lives despite distractions. Our human body is aware of everything that is happening around us. It is also intended to note everything that is happening in our world of feelings, too.

Our body detects the way our mind wants to achieve a particular goal. If our feelings are not in sync with our goals, they will fight each other. That type of sparring generates confusion and stress. That is why taking a break can save us time in the long run. Our feelings can come up for air. The tension between our brain and emotions can dissipate.

Let us remind ourselves the next time we are feeling stressed; it is okay to take a break. Creating some space between our brain and feelings is good for us and others, too!


Until next time,