Carrying Through

It will not matter.

What is in it for me?

What good will this do?


We are not meant to travel backward. We need to pursue our path of evolution, whether we want to or not. The world can overwhelm us with its complexities and make us feel small in comparison. We become indifferent to the world’s troubles. Contemplating a course of action seems useless. Will any of our efforts make a difference? Should we even try?

If our detachment appears in our attitudes, our ego is making itself known. Our ego does not enjoy scrabbling with unknown factors and wants to lock us into what we already know. It prefers to remain in the same set of circumstances for safety’s sake. Shifting gears and changing our course of action is unsettling to our ego. It also believes we should not move forward when our security is not guaranteed.

Our body can sort through a wide range of feelings and move in any direction if threatened. It does not need the ego to confirm its decision. The ego knows this and is willing to step aside during times of danger.

All other times, the ego is in charge.

Our body notices our ability to handle small or momentous changes during transformation. We may not be conscious which belief about making changes is sabotaging our efforts, but our body is. Would it beneficial for us to become more knowledgeable of these limiting beliefs? Yes! The more aware we see how we undermine ourselves, the less these influences hold us back. This awareness helps our minds to focus and creates a sense of stability. We are less daunted by our goals, and our path feels more natural and comfortable to follow through.


Until next time,