Here is a quick summary of the classes being offered for the next few months.

Saturday, JUly 13
9:30 – 11:30 AM

Cost: $60
Grand Rapids, MI

Reiki Drumming Meditation

I will be performing on my Reiki drum to guide us on a healing journey into our subconscious. We will discover what needs to be released and empower our authentic self to emerge more fully. Please dress comfortably and bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow, a journal and water bottle.

Saturday, JUly 13
1-3 PM

Cost: $40
Grand Rapids, MI

Reiki Reattunement

Here is an opportunity for all my Reiki students to be reattuned and boost your Reiki healing abilities. Be prepared to increase your sensitivity to subtle energy and vibrations during this session. If you were not attuned by me and would like to participate, please send a copy of your Reiki certificate to my business address.

Third Wednesday Of Every Month

Cost: $20
Grand Rapids, MI

Mid-Day Reiki Gathering For Women

This mid-day casual get-together is for women who value Reiki as a self-care practice and want to receive and share Reiki with other like-minded females. Let’s have fun supporting each other’s growth in a light-hearted atmosphere! Tea and healthy snacks will be served. Starts July 17th.

Saturday, July 27
10 AM-2 PM

Cost: $85
Grand Rapids, MI

Dialogue With Our Higher Self

There are many ways to communicate with our Higher Self, some more mysterious than others. I will teach three simple methods on how to receive our Higher Self messages. We will practice learning these techniques through journaling and guided meditations. Please bring a journal, a bag lunch, and a blanket for our meditation.  

July 17-Aug 21
6-8 PM

Cost: $150
Grand Rapids, MI

Mastering The Art of Manifesting

I am hosting a six-week course on manifesting and taught by Sherri Hughes. Sherri’s style of teaching is straightforward and easy to understand. The course will cover several topics related to manifesting your heart’s desires, vibrational energy, and the Law of Attraction.  Certification is offered. Please contact Sherri Hughes at 616-433-5675 or email for questions and payment. 

Saturday, Aug 10 
9 AM-5 PM

Cost: $250
Grand Rapids, MI

Reiki Class Level 1 and 2

I have been teaching Reiki for twenty years and am still amazed at how Reiki can heal.  The Reiki methods of healing are so subtle, genuine, and non-invasive. It has a wonderful way of offering its healing wisdom at the right time and place in my students and clients’ lives.

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