Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Services

Discover the Art of Meaningful Connections with Your Subtle Energy Systems.


Our spiritual understanding of who we are depends on recognizing the unique way our subtle energy moves through our chakras. Each chakra radiates a specific type of energy signature and movement.  I can help you identify the subtle differences between each chakra to keep the energy moving in the proper direction.

Intuitive & Spiritual

Our ability to receive clear intuition and spiritual recognition go hand in hand with recognizing where our personal biases get in the way. Most people are not aware of how to separate their truth from the situation at hand. In this session, I will help you get in touch with your natural self-expression which will make it easier for you to discern your truth from others.

Balancing Nervous
Energy System

Our nervous system is designed to carry multiple levels of information at the same time. When we experience trauma or prolonged stress, our nervous system remains trapped in the fight, freeze or flee survival response. I can sense where the shock is located and can restore your nervous system to your body’s original state of balanced emotions and physical equilibrium.

Holy Fire REiki III

There are so many ways to access the body’s subtle energy system. Holy Fire Reiki III  is one of my favorites for anyone who has not received any energy work. Reiki is a gentle hands-on treatment that helps the client to relax and feel comfortable with who they are. The possibilities for expanding your self-awareness is endless. See my complete list of training for more options.

Akashic Records

Akashic Records offers a unique way of aligning your human nature with your spiritual purpose. The information I receive during our session is a narrative gesture in guiding your awareness of what views and behaviors no longer work for you and why. Akashic Records has a beautiful way of encouraging you to move into your heart center at a pace that is appropriate for you.


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