I wished I had known.

If I only knew.

I should have seen this coming.


Retrospection. The fine art of reflecting on something going on in our lives or not. We move into retrospection because we need to examine something in our lives. Something has prompted us to stop and slow down. We are looking for something we cannot put the finger on.

Not knowing how to examine an issue can be frustrating. Not knowing how to identify what we missed causes us to wonder if we are incompetent. Chances are what we are looking for is unconscious.

Our reflection is also an ideal time to put the ego aside and allow the body to reveal what is distressing to us. Our ego would like nothing more to oversee everything going on in our lives. Our egos can play havoc with our emotions if we are unaware of its presence. Our ego views our feelings as a problem to solve. Our emotions seek validation from ourselves; not the ego.

When we are in retrospection, we are reviewing and examining several things at once. We are looking for a hidden pattern of interference. Something that does not allow us to express what we want to say or feel. It is not possible to isolate one incident because we carry a multitude of experiences that have shaped us.

Sitting squarely with our experiences without judgment offers us the opportunity to receive a beautiful gift; the gift of strength. It takes strength to sort through our feelings, our memories, and our beliefs. It may also make us feel uncomfortable if we start to recognize ulterior motives; ours or others.

Our bodies are meant to survive. It will notice motives as a way of preservation. Ask our bodies where it sees this. Our body will teach us with every breath we take, what makes us strong. Feel the strength, and let the sensation take us to where we felt conquered. Take your position back and let the rest go.


Until next time,