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Subtle Energy Practitioner

Joan E. Hofman, MA, LPC

Welcome! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who guides my clients into a deeper awareness of how the body directs their subtle energy systems. I can sense where my clients hold their conflicts with mixed messages. My clients are encouraged to notice how their point of views suppresses their emotions in their body. They learn how to track their body’s subtle movements during a conflict and acknowledge their real feelings. This awareness creates a new level of trust and promotes a healthier response to their issues.

Joan Hofman

Simply heal

The most important thing to realize is that only you can heal yourself.
No one else can.

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inner dialogue


Each emotion thought, or belief we have belongs to a collection of stories we carry inside ourselves. Our mind hears the words, but our physical body holds the space for our stories. Each story transmits its signature frequencies and vibrates among the physiological systems in diverse ways. It can submit a signal to wake up our non-ordinary state of healing.  My role is to observe what moves through our awareness and capture what needs to be revealed to the client or student.


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